Public - 2008

Public consists of two light-boxes with 70 large format slide images in each, and two text-boards each with 70 described date-specific events, ranging from the late 50's and approx. 10 years forward.

The 140 events and the corresponding 140 images share the same dates, but the circumstances of both origin is different.

The slide images consists of snapshots from a Danish families life and development from the late 50's and until the late 60´s. They contain the expected mix of everyday events, holiday memories, funerals, weddings and everything in between.
The 140 events are factual information about what happened on that specific date, in the conflict between Vietnam and the U.S..

The events do not describe neither a beginning nor and end in a historical sense, and nor does the images. Instead you are presented with two different ways of writing history - one which is private but made public, and the other which is public but kept private.


-  2 light-boxes, 140 slides, 2 text-boards.