Public Information About The Complexity Of The Past - 2015

Each of the 5 signs tells a story of historical significance taking place in Lopukhinsky park in St. Petersburg, Russia.. The stories are set in the past, but are selected with the intent to speak of the present. They speak especially about the relationship between east and west, and how that has changed over time.

By providing the public with easily accessible historical information, the work aims to provoke a reflection about the present – understanding what has been, is essential for dreaming about what could be. If the complexity of the past is understood on a grander scale - maintaining a single sided present becomes more and more difficult. A diverse collective memory is therefor of great importance.


The author of the signs is presented as “The Unification And Memory Commission”. The name mimics the commission traditions of Soviet Russia, but at the same time it speaks of the unification of difference and the importance of memory. 



- 5 public signs

- lasermax, plywood