"Could this be art" - 2011

"Could This Be Art" takes it's name from writings on four 16mm film-cans, purchased at a thrift shop in Berkeley (CA), in early 2010.
The films turns out to be fragments from an unfinished documentary about an American band, who appeared on the NYC pop/punk/new wave scene, in the late 1970's.
After shooting the documentary, the director disappeared with the film stock, and was never heard from again.
"Could This Be Art" traces the outline of her disappearance, and the rediscovery the film cans - thus telling two stories where the end of one, becomes the beginning of the other.

In the line of earlier works "Could This be art" deals with the fact that the workings of memory, which are based on a conscious selection of past images, creates zones of forgetting, and will therefore will be destructive in its way.


- 3 channel slide-projection, 240 slides.

"Could this be art"- documentation (8 min.)

Org. - 3 looping slide projectors changing at different speeds.